2018.10.15      Ibañez Kim will be presenting work in the exhibition SEE-ing: The Environmental Consciousness Project at UNCC

2018.06.18     Mariana is an external examiner for the Architectural Association School of Architecture

2018.06.11      Mariana is juror at the UCLA A.UD Rumble 

2018.03.05   Simon is coauthor of a paper in Social Robots in the Wild, at The 13th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on HRI

2018.02.22   Mariana will be presenting her work in the Taylor Seminar X: 10 Years of Design Research 


2017.11           Strange Weather has been selected to remain at the Donuimun Museum Village, with a residency for Ibañez Kim

2017.11.04      Simon will be a Session Moderator at the ACADIA 2017 conference: Discipline and Disruption, hosted at MIT

2017.11           Mariana is on the organizing committee as Technical Chair of the ACADIA 2017 conference: Discipline and Disruption, hosted at MIT

2017.10.18      Simon will be presenting the collaborative work of Ibañez Kim to the dramatic arts students of the Pig Iron School

2017.09.08   The opening performance of Sophia's Forest, an opera constructed with Lembit Beecher and supported by the Pew Center


2017.09.01   Ibañez Kim will be exhibiting Strange Weathers at the inaugural Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

2017.09.01   Simon will be presenting the work of his Next Nature studio, taught at PennDesign, at the inaugural Seoul Biennale.


2017.07.01   Mariana has accepted a tenure-track faculty position at MIT School of Architecture and Planning

2017.06.19   Mariana will be in London as an external examiner to the Architectural Association School of Architecture.


2017.06.08  Simon has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, at the University of Pennsylvania

2017.06.05  Simon and Mariana, with Andrew John Wit, have received a residency at the AutoDesk BUILD Space.

2017.05.31   Mariana is teaching option studio for the Columbia University MSAAD summer program


2017.05.10   Mariana will be in Beijing for an urban study and workshop for China JinMao Holdings Group 

2017.03.30   Mariana will be speaking at the symposium Zaha Hadid: Pedagogy as Practice at Princeton University

2017.03.27   Mariana will be presenting the work of Ibañez Kim at Ryerson University

2017.01.18     Simon will be presenting Compound Beings and Next Nature at Temple University

2016.11.17      Mariana will be giving a lecture and adjudicating awards at AIA Portland

2016.10.31    Simon will be lecturing on Matter: from duration to architecture at the University of Minnesota  

2016.10.27    A short film by Ibañez Kim has been selected for the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture

2016.10.17     Ibañez Kim will be presenting VITRIOL at the Secret Life of Buildings exhibition

2016.10.05   Simon will be presenting Curated Sentience in Architecture at the Seoul National University


2016.10.01   The publication that Mariana organized and edited is available: a+t 46 Organization or Design? 

2016.09.16  Mariana will present Lights On at the Heliomorphism Conference at the Harvard University GSD


2016.09.12   Simon is presenting a workshop and lecture on Sensate Architecture to the Indian Architects Association Karnataka with Huddle in Bangalore

2016.09.09  Mariana will be presenting Nano to Planetary at Columbia University  GSAPP Processign Design Panel Discussion 

2016.08.22  Simon will present research at the eCAADe Conference in Finland

2016.06.29  Ibañez Kim will present two projects at ACSA International Conference in Chile

2016.06.16   Mariana is interviewed by TheEditorial

2016.03.30  Mariana is giving the lecture Drama Queens at Le Laboratoire


2016.03      Ibañez Kim has an article of the rolyPOLYgon in 3DP+

2016.01       Simon is invited as a workshop tutor for the ZHA studio at Yale University 

2015.11.09   Mariana is presenting the work of Ibañez Kim at Auburn University

2015.10.22  Simon has a paper on Soft Robotics in Architecture being presented at ACADIA 2015

2015.10.15   Mariana has organized the symposium Organization or Design for Harvard GSD with accompanying publication

2015.10.08  Simon is presenting the work of Ibanez Kim at Hanyang University, Seoul.

2015.10.02  Mariana is moderating a panel discussion at the Chicago Architecture Biennial

2015.09.18  Ibañez Kim has been invited to participate in the third Beakerhead Festival in Calgary

2015.09      Simon is co-PI for a three-year research project that has been funded by the National Science Foundation

2015.07.29  Ibañez Kim will be presenters and panelists at The Present and Future of 3D Design hosted at IDEO

2015.07.19  Ibañez Kim presents The Minister of Arts and Culture, a new work commissioned for Play Day, at the Lawn on D

2015.07.15  Mariana will be presenting IK Studio recent work for Socrates & Archleague, BSA, MoMA, LawnonD, and Beakerhead at Columbia University

2015.06.17  Ibañez Kim will be installing Step 7 at the Bigger Than A Breadbox, Smaller Than A Building exhibition at the BSA Boston

2015. 06.15IK is part of a Pew Center for Arts and Heritage grant with composer Lembit Beecher

2015.05.17  Ibañez Kim will be presenting Torqueing Spheres at the Socrates Sculpture Park in partnership with the Architectural League New York

2015.04.25  Ibañez Kim will be presenting The Immersive at the Active Matter Summit organized by the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT

2015.04.03  Simon will be moderating a panel on Digital Prosthetics within the Non Discrete Architectures conference at UPenn

2015.02       Ibañez Kim will be leading a workshop and installation on The Immersive, and presenting the lecture Drama Queens, at the EVDS in Calgary

2014.12.13  Ibañez Kim is presenting Orpheus and Eurydice: Electromechanic Redux at the Slought Foundation

2014.11.07  Simon is presenting at the ACSA Conference in Philadelphia

2014.10.25  Mariana is presenting co-edited volume Paradigms in Computing at the ACADIA conference at USC

2014.10.15  Ibañez Kim is installing APoC, a prototype shelter, at Toronto City Hall

2014.09.11  Simon is presenting research in theatre to the American Repertoire Council

2014.05.09  Simon is giving a presentation On Prototypes at the Working Models Forum at McGill University

2014.03.21   Simon is producing the Patarchitecture Exhibition at the Slought Foundation

2014.01.29   Ibañez Kim is exhibiting centriPETAL at the Possible Mediums Exhibition in Ann Arbor

2013.03-04  Ibañez Kim is exhibiting the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the ICA@50 show , produced with Billy Dufala and a RAIR residency for Simon

2013.12.13    Ibañez Kim is presenting Music of the Planets , produced with Grace Kelly Music and ModLab

2013.11.11      Ibañez Kim is giving a lecture and workshop on the Modular and Synthetic , at SPSU

2013.02.22  Simon is presenting in the New Normal Conference at PennDesign

2013.06.08  Mariana is teaching a workshop and lecturing on Platform 5  at the Takenaka A4 Gallery in Tokyo

2013.05.09   Ibañez Kim is working with the Dufala Brothers and RAIR  to produce the Nervous Matter exhibition at Traction Company

2013.03.28   Ibañez Kim is exhibiting their work and lecturing at the University of Calgary

2013.03.12    Mariana is presenting the work of John Portman at Harvard Graduate School of Design

2013.02.22   Ibañez Kim is presenting Side Effects in the Under the Influence Conference at MIT

2013.02.16    Simon is moderating a discussion with director Hirata Oriza following the performance of Robot Human Theatre

2013.02.07   Ibañez Kim is participating and running a workshop on Dynamic Shells at Possible Mediums

2013.01-05   Simon is visiting faculty at Yale University for the spring semester

2012.11.21      Ibañez Kim is giving a lecture at Escuela de Arquitectura in Puerto Rico

2012.11.18      Ibañez Kim will present Augmented Architecture at TEDx Beacon Street  in Boston

2012.11.18      Ibañez Kim is in a panel discussion with Sanford Kwinter Skylar Tibbits on Proofs  at PennDesign

2012.10         Ibañez Kim has a proposal of Space Station Manhattan presented in Past Futures, Present, Futures  at Storefront for Art and Architecture

2012.10.27    Mariana is presenting work with dance for the Science per Forms Symposium at Bryn Mawr

2012.10.25  Ibañez Kim is working with Carbon Dance Theatre for Science per Forms

2012.10.11    Ibañez Kim is presenting and discussing video with SsD Architects for Movie Matter

2012.09       upcoming publication of GSD Platform 5, edited and designed by Mariana Ibañez

2012.07.01   Mariana Ibañez promoted to 2012.06.26 Cloud Cloak presented at Young Architects Forum, AIA Philadelphia

2012.06.22  Design of Nomad for KCRW on display at Dwell on Design

2012.04.26  Ibañez Kim will be presenting with the Dufala Brothers at the ICA

2012.04        Beyond Mechanics cluster of SmartGeometry highlighted on Archinect

2012.04        Beyond Mechanics cluster of SmartGeometry Huffington Post

2012.03.19   Ibañez Kim and AltN workshop at Smart Geometry

2012.03       Simon Kim interview on SuckerPunch

2012.03.14   Ibañez Kim presents Future Forward at Penn State University

2012.01        Simon Kim is Visiting Faculty at Harvard GSD

2011.11     Ibañez Kim selected as finalist for MoMA PS1

2011.11.14   Mariana presents A Dress, a Canopy, a City at Harvard GSD

2011.10.19  Ibañez Kim installs and presents The Philadelphia Masque at the Center for Architecture