At the Boston Society of Architects, a large curving figure was produced with openings and a room generated by its self-intersections. Veneers of maple wood were stretched in Quake Lines over a frame that undulates as a ruled surface. These undulations float at 1" above slab, to suggest a light billowing surface. Heavy weights distributed within the thick poché defy this reading of lightness. 

The room-within-a-wall sits uncomfortably within this elephantine object. Called Our Fathers, this room of one's own is interactive and sensate, but not emancipating for Woolf's heroines. Upon entering with a bow, the occupant is blinded by a spotlight and varying gestures call forth voices of dead, Modernist, male architects: Mies, Sert, Saarinen, Tange and others whisper their edicts on architecture. 

Project: Mariana Ibañez, Simon Kim

Design Team: Christopher Johnson, Ben Ruswick, Jacob Bruce, Shani Cho, Andrew Gardner.

Structural Consultant: Paul Kassabian at SGH