The Minister of Justice is an explosive figure of geometries, and it is also a sin eater. Developed from a dodecahdral geometry whose flat faces are substituted for cones. Its materiality and shells are soft and pliant. The assembly of supple polyethylene and stretched fabric come to a base of high-density foam. 

Each cone is a speaker and a microphone with a proximity sensor. The cone is activated when someone approaches. Then the minister glows violet in color as it listens - without judgement - to any secret or declaration. A central processor records and distorts the secret for anonymity, then broadcasts it back in an absolving blue light. As a confessional, it removes guilt and blame. 

This Minister is part of a larger manifesto project on Architecture as Public Officer. 

Project: Simon Kim, Mariana Ibañez

Design Team: Christopher Johnson, Ben Ruswick, Shani Cho, Jacob Bruce, Jonathan Grinham

Structural Consultant: Gustav Fagerstrom at Buro Happold

Photos by Michael Peguero