Mechanical Garden

The Mechanical Garden is social theatre: for PS1 activities as well as for architecture as characters. Strong figural demarcations assemble a series of Characters into generously shaded arcades and walkways. This peripheral organization reinforces the existing geometries of the courtyard walls, but thickens them with canopy and programme to allow for indeterminacy and found situations. Each Character is constructed from similar elements but have different identities and have varying ranges of motion to be posed over the days and months. They vary in orientation, internal spaces and function.

For this courtyard, in these prevailing conditions, we welcome new narrative, social engagement, and active environment. Each event will see the Garden differently configured by visitors and by the motorized pieces themselves.

Project: Simon Kim, Mariana Ibañez

Design Team: Ben Brady, Jeremy Jih, Jordan MacTavish, Manuel Diaz, Ben Ruswick, Chen Lu, Michael Wetmore, Kordae Henry, Kate Rufe, Sarah Wolf, Ying Xu, Shulei Weng

With a bespoke installation by The Dufala Brothers, and sponsored by RAIR Philadelphia

Structural Consultant: Hanif Kara, Daniel Bosia, Mei Chan at AKT

Robotics Consultant: Mark Yim, ModLab, and Immersive Kinematics