Mythic and Terrestrial

The architectural concept of New Culture of Open Space: The Terrestrial and the Mythic is based on the urban ideas of place-making, new natures, and mediated environments. The project proposes a network of distributed open-air museums and landscape formations that create every season, every kind of weather, integrating cultural facilities with the surrounding context. 

As a new cultural center, the project connects with the idea of wonder that is found in Korean mythology.  As children heard the stories of enchanted forests, bears that become women, monsters, and pure waters, the idea of transformation, the sloping ground, and an organizing grid became the space of a new symbolic landscape, a world of wonder, culture, and new nature. 


Project: Mariana Ibañez, Simon Kim

Design Team: Khoa Vu, Gary Polk, Aidan Kim, Doug Breuer, Emma Peng, Michelle Chew