Strange weather

Unlike a typical floor found in office environments, the tiles of Strange Weather do not conform to human-centric occupant expectations. Whereas the normative floor supplies conditioned air, and humidity control, the Strange Weather grid produces a more exo-environment that is not predictive nor subservient to human desires. Different combinatorics of moisture levels, temperature, and lighting produce a range of atmospherics from dry and unnaturally bright, to dark and clouded.

As visitors sit, lounge, and socialize, their patterns of play are entered into a multiagent system. What the visitor understands from this exchange is the artificial distinctions between inside and outside. Human-centric, controlled interior environments are not easily separable from the natural world, and that anthropocentric intervention has consequences across scales in Nature.

Project: Simon Kim, Mariana Ibañez

Design Team: Zachary Kile, John Darby, Shuxin Wu, Mingxin He, Michelle Chew, Jung Jae Suh, Royce Perez, Roger Flores, Jan Kwan, Sen Zhang

Principal photography by Kyungsub Shin, and Kim Hyundong

Supported by Autodesk BUILD Space