The empire of SURA

In the vestiges of the colonial and its enduring influence on wealth and privilege, the empire of SURA grafts three cities of Tokyo, London, and Paris. The resulting planet is overly dense and bewildering, and there is no reigning culture or set of values. The absence of a centre or interior undermines the construct of citizenship. Without the social markers of those who belong and those who are alien, the spaces of the city are unknown and its rules of occupancy are indeterminate. 

Given this theoretical world, within a larger tripartite urban study, what is organized, and for whom, becomes a compelling scenario to engage in dispossessed architecture. 

Project Credits: Ben Ruswick, Christopher Chung, Kordae Henry, Stacy Krieg

Featuring a performance by Daiu Matilda, and hip hop artist B.A.N.G.