Two naughts

A critical object of architecture as equipment to be located in the Storefront for Art and Architecture, the spheroid is a mysterious concrete object - it is hollowed out by two voids perpendicular to each other. 

Two Naughts rejects the utility of comfort-driven or human-centric atmospheres. Only when its heavy mass is pushed and rocked by enormous effort does its performance become apparent. Coiled within the recesses and naughts is a toroidal thermosiphon that becomes activated when in motion. Its continued rocking aids in moving hot water about its channels to warm up the object and slowly radiate heat into the space of the Storefront. 

Awarded second place in the Closed Worlds call for entries. 

Project: Simon Kim, Mariana Ibañez

Design Team: Chris Johnson, Ben Ruswick

A collaboration with Mark Yim, ModLab, and Immersive Kinematics.